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  • Here’s your fitness prescription

    I’ve been talking a lot about moderation this month, so far mostly about food … but guess what? Moderation ALSO applies to exercise and your workouts. The old days of “no pain, no gain” are definitely in our rear-view mirror. Instead, it’s about the “minimum effective dose” for results. That means getting just enough exercise to maintain or improve your fitness, without overdoing it (especially when it comes to long or super-intense workouts). More is definitely NOT better, for so many reasons. Some of those reasons might surprise you: It can set you up for injury Your body needs time to recover between workouts It can lead to burnout It ....

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  • Don’t get fit for summer

    Summer is such a powerful time. It’s packed full of emotions and memories that can affect our mindset and mood. We all have nostalgia around summer with the sights and smells and that feeling of being free. You know that healthy habits key to living your best lives in the sun, to enjoying friends, family and travel – and, yes, to looking your best. But remember that your core, long-term commitment is more important in the long run than any seasonal stimulation or motivation. It comes from within, from knowing your “why” – and it’s truly the most powerful thing. Which is why I want to say – don’t get fit for summer. Commit to fit for life. ....

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  • The minimum effective dose

    Controversy alert! I’m going to say something you won’t hear from a lot of coaches. But before I get into that I want to let you know we have a great Mother's day trial special going on that can be for you, a friend or as a gift. One month with us for only $59-$99 depending on the package. Reply to let me know if you are interested so I can send the details over. Now back to the controversy and.... I hope it gets you fired up – especially if you’ve been struggling. I know you’re busy juggling a ton of day-to-day responsibilities … And at the same time, your fitness/health/hormones/etc are really important to you. After a while, you can start to ....

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  • The #1 enemy of your goals

    The #1 enemy of your goals

    If you could call out the #1 enemy of your goals, what would it be? There are so many to choose from: Not having enough time Lack of support Not knowing what to do Your genetics Pizza The list goes on and on! But what if I told you that none of those things are actually your enemy. (Seriously!) That’s because … drumroll … the number one thing standing in between you and your goals is: YOU! We can ALL get in our own way from time to time. Here are just a few ways we let it happen: You haven’t made reaching your goals a true priority. This means you let your healthy habits slide when you’re stressed/tired/something more fun comes along. ....

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  • Need More Energy? Do this...

    Did you know we are in a personal energy crisis? Studies show that most adults feel tired at least three days a week, and some of us even feel tired every day. I’m going to be focusing a lot this month on how you can actually CREATE more personal energy. And I’m kicking it off with a completely achievable list of ways you can set yourself up for a high-energy day. The best part is that none of these suggestions will take you a long time … and they actually WORK! 9 Easy Morning Habits to Boost Your Energy: 1. Don’t hit the snooze button. Dozing for a few extra minutes can actually make you feel more tired and less focused during the day because it ....

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  • There's always time. It's just how we choose to use it

    Let me ask you something. How much time do you get in a day? Is it 24 hours, same as everyone else? And days in the week – seven for you, too, right? Got it. Now, tell me again why you say you never have time for healthy habits. Why you can’t possibly find a few hours a week to exercise, to shop for and prepare healthy meals, and to manage your stress. Statistics show that the average American adult watches TV for three hours a day, including on computers and other devices. That’s 21 hours a week. And you get no reward from it, except some entertainment and, maybe, information – which is all fine, in moderation and balanced with the rest of your needs. But ....

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  • How to eliminate excuses

    When we were kids, we could find excuses for anything, right? For not going to bed on time. For fighting with siblings. For not getting homework done. As adults, we’ve learned to take responsibility for our actions and failures – at least most of the time. But there’s always a supply of excuses waiting within reach whenever we want to use one, including about our health and fitness. Your spouse, your kids, the traffic. Your boss. Your biorhythms. On and on… So how do we get rid of this childhood habit once and for all? Here are some of my best ideas. Realize you’re only hurting yourself when you find a scapegoat. It doesn’t hurt ....

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  • The mindset trick that makes it easy

    I’m going to share something really important that just might change how you look at your health & fitness. It’s a mindset trick that will make it EASIER for you to: stick with the basics, avoid feeling overwhelmed, and take off some of the pressure you might feel about all things you think you “should” be doing. Think back to the last time you had to teach someone something. Maybe it was a new person at work … maybe it was teaching a kid to tie (or Velcro) their shoes … or maybe it was in an actual classroom. How did you do it? I’m guessing you didn’t overwhelm your student with EVERYTHING at once – or expect them to do ....

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  • Are you in this food marketing trap?

    Are you in this food marketing trap?

    It’s not your imagination. There actually ARE foods out there that are specifically designed to make you crave them. I’m talking about from start to finish: their ingredients, taste, packaging, and marketing – basically, these foods are created to make you want MORE, MORE, MORE. But the thing is, these foods are also some of the absolute WORST things you can eat, because they’re linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and a long list of other chronic conditions. (If you can’t tell, this gets me a little fired up.) I really want to talk with you about SIMPLE steps you can take to get – and stay – on track with your healthy habits. ....

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  • The hidden results killer

    The hidden results killer

    I’ve got a little bonus challenge for you today that can play a surprising role in your results … and (even better) help you feel better. Here it is: Take a few minutes today to think about your STRESS MANAGEMENT plan. Everyone should have one. It’s one of the big health & wellness “basics” I’ve been talking about this month. FACT: Stress is a normal part of life and sometimes it’s even good for you. But when it gets out of control it can affect not only your results … but also your sleep, your mood, and your health. This is why it is so important to have a plan to help burn off your everyday stresses. Don’t believe me? ....

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  • 6 Ways to Sabotage Your Results this Month

    6 Ways to Sabotage Your Results this Month

    I hope your week is off to a great start! It’s a special time of year ... with celebrations, traditions, and festivities galore. Which is awesome. BUT ... there’s something not-so-awesome, too – it’s all those sneaky saboteurs that come out during the holidays. They can set you back in a BIG WAY from reaching your goals. I put together a list of the 6 common ways we sabotage our progress over the holidays. When you are aware of these things, it’s so much easier to avoid them. Top 6 Ways to Sabotage Your Progress Over the Holidays: 1. Not eating all day before a party. On the surface, eating lightly all day when you know you’re going to ....

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  • 7 pounds over the holidays?

    7 pounds over the holidays?

    You know I am a big believer in being “in the moment,” right? It’s huge for helping you relieve stress, focus on what’s important, and get the most out of every day. But ... → I HAVE AN IMPORTANT EXCEPTION. And it has to do with something I hear every.single.year from my clients. Pretend it’s January 1st. How are you going to feel if you use the holidays as an excuse to put your health and wellness on the back burner? And not just on the back burner …. but ended up going BACKWARDS? Did you know that the average person expects to gain SEVEN POUNDS over the holiday season?! WOW. Based on my experience as a coach, I can tell you how ....

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  • The eating habit that gets in the way of results

    Before I get started, I wanted to let you know that were are offering Meal Prep services...Kind of. We have partnered with Temple Fuel, LLC and they are delivering freshly made Meal Prep that you can pick up at our Beverly Facility. You can click here to order and up until 11/18, you will get 20% off any order. Just use promo code FITCODE at checkout. Now some more about food.... A while ago I slipped into a not-so-mindful habit … I was multitasking while I was eating. And by that I mean, I wasn’t paying attention to the food going into my mouth and instead was focused on I know I am not alone in this. It’s something most of us do almost daily. We do it to save ....

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  • Creating your happiness <3

    Creating your happiness <3

    A lot of people have a problem with happiness: They think they don’t deserve it! Is that you? Are you not good enough to be happy? Do you feel unworthy somehow? Or is it something you’re working really hard to get, and maybe someday if you keep trying…?_ Sometimes we just need a reminder that we’re good enough to be happy. Worthy enough. And that happiness isn’t a goal we march toward grimly. Because it’s not about being a certain weight, or being able to do this or that, or having something or someone. Happiness is about acceptance. When we accept things as they are, then we can begin deciding what to work on… what to work toward… ....

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  • Free Your Mind – And Results Will Follow

    Free Your Mind – And Results Will Follow

    I talk to people all the time who want to get in better shape, lose weight, or embrace a healthier lifestyle. And it’s amazing how often they follow up their desire with a list of reasons why they can’t possibly succeed. “I’m just big boned, so there’s nothing I can do.” “I was terrible in gym class, so I know I’d just fail again.” “Everyone in my family is heavy, so I just have to accept myself like this.” It goes on and on, and it’s natural, to a degree. BUT IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! Because I know what nonsense it is. These are all examples of self-limiting beliefs that too many of us have. They hold us back ....

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  • Look out for each other

    Look out for each other

    It’s been a tough 21 months on everyone, and sometimes it seems like nothing’s going to get better out there. All over the world and here at home, people are worn out, stressed, and confused, right? Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing we can do. But there is. And that’s simple: We’ve gotta look out for each other. Reaching out to help someone else, or even just checking on them with a friendly phone call, immediately lifts you out of your own troubles. And it instantly makes the world a better place, even if it’s “only” in a small way. You never know how your moment of kindness will affect the other person, or how he or she might pay it ....

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  • This story blew me away

    This story blew me away

    have you ever heard of Hidilyn Diaz? She’s a weightlifter from the Philippines. I hadn’t heard of her until the Olympics. One of the best things about the Games (beyond watching the amazing athletes in action) are the inspirational stories, don’t you agree? Hidilyn’s story is one of my favorites. Talk about an underdog. Basically, everything was stacked against her. When she was young and just starting out in weightlifting, she didn’t even have any actual weights to train with or lift. So she used plastic pipes and concrete blocks as her weights, and later “graduated” to duffel bags stuffed with water jugs. She would do pull-ups on door ....

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  • My secret retirement plan

    I don’t know about you, but I want to be that 80-year-old busting out sweet moves on the dance floor at a wedding. What do YOU want to be able to do when you’re 60, 70, 80, and beyond? Have you thought about it? It doesn’t matter how old you are right now .... this applies to you TODAY. Want to climb mountains? Dominate the tennis court? Cycle through Europe? Grow the most amazing garden in the neighborhood, that you maintain all by yourself? Build homes for people who need a helping hand? Well, there is ONE THING you can do to boost the chances of those dreams becoming a reality. Ask yourself this question: Can you do them RIGHT NOW? Do you have the ....

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  • “Ready” isn’t a thing

    “Ready” isn’t a thing

    Let’s just get to it. The idea of being “ready” is unrealistic for making healthy choices as adults. Why? Because we can’t always be “ready.” And if we insist on waiting until we are, then we might be waiting forever. When we’re planning to adopt healthy habits like exercising and eating right, this ideal state of being “ready” usually doesn’t come. Instead, we have to start taking the actions we need to take, and from that comes the sense that we’re doing what we “should” be doing. You’ve heard the expression “fake it till you make it,” right? It just means: Do the right thing, even if you ....

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  • Hustle & grind ? fastest route to results

    Here’s something you might be surprised to know if your social media feed is anything like mine. The “hustle and grind” is NOT the fastest path to your results. In fact, for some people, it’s a path to NOWHERE Especially if you have responsibilities … like a career, family, home, pets, etc.! It’s true: the idea of “go hard or go home” might be exciting at first. But a few weeks later? Not so much. This way of thinking can leave you feeling tired, sore, and worn out! All that stress can actually work AGAINST you. There IS a better path Listening to your body’s cues Making small, sustainable changes that add up to BIG results ....

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  • 5 Best Snack Foods for Building Muscle

    5 Best Snack Foods for Building Muscle

    When your goal is building muscle, packing on protein, and avoiding foods high in sugar is a must. Eating is an essential part of the recovery process after any strength training session, but not everyone has time to sit down for a full meal. Here are the top snacks that will help you refuel on the go. 5 Snacks to Supplement Strength Training 1. Nonfat Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt is high in protein but low in fat, making it the perfect post-gym snack for building muscle. A single container of nonfat Greek yogurt contains about 16 grams of protein . You can also mix in ingredients like protein powder, berries, or honey for additional protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. 2. Homemade ....

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  • 5 Tips for Overcoming Gym Anxiety

    5 Tips for Overcoming Gym Anxiety

    Gym anxiety or “gym-timidation” is a common problem for those who want to improve their fitness. Many people feel judged, like everyone is watching them step onto the treadmill or work with resistance bands. This feeling results in self-consciousness and inconsistent workout schedules. If such nervousness has kept you out of fitness centers for too long, use the following tips to take control and enjoy a healthier, happier you. How to Banish Gym Anxiety for Good 1. Practice Proper Form Prepare by first practicing proper exercise form at home or in your backyard. Use a mirror or have a family member spot you to ensure you do the workout correctly. You’ll build confidence ....

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  • Your Guide to a More Holistic Diet

    Your Guide to a More Holistic Diet

    If you want to live more holistically, changing your eating habits is a smart first step. Though it may feel daunting at first, it’s relatively easy to start incorporating more fresh, whole, and organic foods into your diet. Here are a handful of nutrition counseling tips on how to eat well for a holistic lifestyle. 4 Diet Tips for Holistic Living 1. Snack Frequently Ideally, eat every three to four hours to regulate your metabolism and blood sugar while minimizing cravings for unhealthy foods. The most effective way to accomplish this is by keeping healthy snacks on hand, which should include nutrient-rich fruits, nuts, seeds, and juices. 2. Take Supplements Even when you begin ....

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Motivation at the Gym

    5 Ways to Increase Motivation at the Gym

    Motivation can be difficult to maintain when it comes to working out at the gym. Some days are full of energy, while others tend to make you want to kick back and relax. Overcome the lethargy by implementing the following tips and finding a way to alter your perspective. How to Maintain Motivation for Your Workout 1. Wear Appropriate Attire Changing into a set of workout clothes helps to ready the mind for a trip to the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you feel up for it or not. This definitive act will cause the subconscious to realize that the body is getting ready to move, increasing your chances of heading out the door. 2. Set Goals Going to the gym without a goal in mind ....

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  • 4 Compelling Reasons to Join a Fitness Class

    4 Compelling Reasons to Join a Fitness Class

    Whether you’re looking for a way to get in shape or simply want to increase your strength and flexibility, a fitness class can help you meet your goals. From strength training to boot camp workouts, you can select a class that focuses on the areas of your health that you want to improve. If you’re still on the fence about joining a group workout, consider the following advantages. Top Benefits of Group Workouts 1. Socialization A fitness class not only gives you the chance to get healthier, but also to make new friends and get regular interaction. When you work out surrounded by friends, you have a more fun experience, which will keep you coming back every week. Looking ....

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  • 5 Tips for Building Muscle & Losing Fat

    5 Tips for Building Muscle & Losing Fat

    Each person has different goals for their fitness routine. Some people want to lose weight, while others want to gain strength. Luckily, these goals agree with one another. Gain muscle while simultaneously losing fat with a combination of cardio, strength training, and dietary changes. How to Build Muscle While Losing Fat 1. Add Protein Protein is an essential building block of your muscles. You need it to grow tissue back after a heavy workout, and it can also help you feel full, allowing you to take in fewer additional calories that lead to fat. To maximize your muscle gain and fat loss, chose lean proteins like fish, poultry, and beans. 2. Cut Carbs Don’t drop carbohydrates ....

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